We also offer a surfboard rental service so that non-school students can enjoy surfing.

We have rental surfboards for those who want to practice surfing but don't have a board.

We have a softboard for rental.We also offer short fanboards and long boards in length, so you can use them according to your level and body shape.

rental amount

[ surfboard ]

half-day rental

3 hours in the morning (9:00-12:00) or afternoon (13:00-16:00)

shortboard2,700 yen
Shortboard + Wetsuits4,850 yen
fanboard / longboard3,250 yen
fanboard / longboard + Wetsuits5,400 yen
one-day rental

7 hours (9am to 16am)

shortboard4,300 yen
Shortboard + Wetsuits7,550 yen
fanboard / longboard5,400 yen
fanboard / longboard + Wetsuits8,650 yen

Recommended board length
● Shortboard: Those who can take off with a short fanboard or who have experience with shortboard
● Fanboard Longboard: Beginners or experienced surfing a few times a year

Only spring and full suits are available for rental wet suits.
We don't have semi-dry ones for midwinter.
For adults, please check the size by phone beforehand if you are tall or tall.

< Important Attention >
Regarding reservations and participation

As a precaution against coronavirus infection, we would like to request the following to everyone who uses our shop.
Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. On the day of use, please make sure to take your temperature before you leave your home. Please refrain from participating even if you feel any discomfort in your physical condition or have a slight fever. (Cancellation is free, so please call us.)
  2. Please wear a mask at the reception.
  3. We also ask you to take your temperature. Please note that we are not allowed to use it if it is 37.0c or higher according to our store regulations. (The same goes for my companion.)

lending time

morning and day rental 8:30~8:50
afternoon rental 12:30~12:50

※in the event of being late for lending time
We may not be able to lend you a board.If you are likely to be late, please make sure to call us.


Regarding rental use
We ask for a fixed rental time at this store.
We don't rent it early in the morning. Please understand.
You can use it only at Isonoura Beach.

in the event of damage

If your rental board or wetsuit is damaged during use, you will be charged a repair fee.

◎Repair fee:1,000 yen~
It depends on the condition and degree of damage to the surfboard.

Return time

If the return time is exceeded, an extension fee will be charged.
Details will be given at the reception on the day.

about cancel

If you wish to cancel the rental for your convenience

100% of the application details on the day before last, the day before, and the day before last

Please make sure to contact us by phone [11:30~13:00, 15:30~19:00 090-6674-7899] 3 days before the date of use.

How to Apply

After checking the availability below, please make a reservation via the web form (we do not accept telephone reservations).
Please make sure to check the availability of reservations for the previous day and the day before.
※If you apply just before, you may not be able to make a reservation.

map of lending locations

The rental location is on the map below.It's not a shop.
(Please note that many people come to the shop by mistake.)

Availability / Reservation Calendar