Questions about surfing schools

Is it okay to participate alone?

There are many people who participate alone.Also, there is a female instructor stationed here to participate alone, so please don't worry.

If it rains, will it be canceled?

Rainy weather is a rule. It will be canceled only when a typhoon approaches and storms and thunder do not stop ringing.
Apart from the weather, whether there are waves or not is a factor that determines whether or not the school starts.

Can elementary school students participate?

Children in the first grade of elementary school can participate.However, please make sure to check by phone before applying.
Parents and guardians, please accompany us (it's okay to visit only)
(In order to ensure safe and enjoyable surfing experience, parents will be asked about their children.)

Can I go there by train?

It's a 2-3 minute walk from Isonoura Station on the Nankai Kata Line.
(There are no ATMs or convenience stores in or near the station.)

Is there a private parking lot?

We don't have a parking lot for our store. Please use the paid parking lot (there are several places).

Are there lockers, changing rooms, and shower rooms?

There are lockers, changing rooms, and shower rooms in the Isonoura Beach facility, so please use them.
(There is no dryer (outlet) either)

Can't you swim? Can I participate?

Beginners will practice within reach of your feet, so don't worry.
(In the case of elementary school children, we practice floating in seawater little by little.)

My eyesight is low. What should I do with contact lenses and glasses?

The staff with low vision use disposable contact lenses.
(If you don't use contact lenses, please enter the sea with naked eyes.)
Since it is dangerous to get into the eye when you fall off the board, please refrain from using goggles.

What kind of surfboard do you use?

Our surfing school uses a regular surfboard, not a softboard.
Only children with little surfing experience use the softboard.
You can use the length according to your age, body type, and surfing level (basically start with a long board).

It's my first time surfing, can I stand on that day?

Ninety-eight percent of the students take off (stand on the board) at the first school.
We offer the content so that you can continue surfing while enjoying it safely.

Are there any jellyfish?

Of course, there are times when jellyfish are in the ocean.
It may be washed away when the wind from the sea is strong regardless of the season.
If you are particularly concerned, please use sunscreen to prevent jellyfish.

Questions about rental

I don't know which board is good for me.

If you are a beginner or a few times, I recommend the fan board and long board. If you don't understand, please enter your height, weight, and number of surfing experiences in the Remarks column and we will provide you with a recommended board on the day.

Do you rent the first thing in the morning?

I'm sorry. We don't rent it early in the morning. Please understand.

Can I choose the length of the board on the day?

If there is room for availability, you can choose on the day, but please understand that we cannot deal with it if we do not have it in stock due to make a reservation.

Do you have surfboards for children?

There are softboards, shortboards, and short fanboards. Please enter your child's height and weight in the remarks column.

Do you have a board for middle and advanced users?

I'm sorry. It is a surfboard for basic software. Only shortboards have some PU boards.Please contact us.

Does it come with a leash?

Yes, we also have a leash cord. Don't worry.

Questions about shopping

I don't know what length of surfboard fits me?

Depending on your age, body shape, what kind of surfing you want to do, etc., the length of the board you choose will also vary, so we accept consultations online.
Please feel free to contact us from here.