one of the best surf points in the Kansai
Start surfing in Isonoura♪

This is a power surf with a track record of 25 years since the start of the surfing school. We are holding a surfing school to start surfing safely and happily.

The most popular surfing school is attended by many people aged 7 to 70 who have experienced surfing for the first time. For those who want to get started in earnest, we will teach them to enjoy and be safe from the basics of surfing.

It's been 25 years since I started at Surfing School Shop!!
We receive over 1,500 applications each year,
and based on our experience in coaching many beginners,
we suggest that you choose the right tools for your level and surfing environment.

Ninety percent of the participants experienced surfing for the first time.
At the first school, 98% of the students successfully took off (standing on the board and riding the waves).
There is also a female instructor stationed there, so please feel free to participate if you are participating alone or if you are in the lower grades of elementary school.


a small-group

20 School in 2022 is limited to 6 students per school. Please understand.


Lesson content tailored
to the level

You can take the course from the first grade of elementary school.The school is tailored to each level and physical strength.We also offer boards of various lengths depending on the level and your preference.


a homey

A female instructor is stationed.There are many children and women who participate alone, and the repeat rate is high.

School flow [2 hours]

00. application
Application method: Web reservation only (pre-order). We do not accept telephone reservations.
Acceptable age: 1st grade elementary school students~
01. school day
Please take your temperature at home.
Please see [Notice] which tells you whether or not you have a school before you leave home.
Those who come by car: There is no parking lot for our store in Isonoura. Please use the parking lot in Isonoura Beach (all paid).
02. Reception / School Fee Payment
We will disinfect and take your temperature at the reception. Please understand that we are not allowed to use it if it is above 37.0℃ according to our store regulations.(The same goes for my companion.)
Please be sure to check the meeting place below. You can only pay in cash.
Please note that there are no ATMs near Isonoura Beach (within walking distance).
03. start of school
Only those who are new to school explain surfing rules and manners (Enjoy surfing for 2 hours♪)
04. lecture
Go to the beach︕
Stretch, take-off (standing on the board) practice, lecture on how to handle surfboards
(For repeat customers, check stretch take-off operation only)
05. Start practicing in the ocean
Finally, surfing starts♪
Ninety-eight percent of those who are new to the game have successfully taken-off. For those who can take off, please practice for each step up, such as riding the waves with the power of your paddling.
06. school termination and dissolution
Shower and change clothes individually
(We will guide you to the shower and changing rooms in the beach at the reception.)

< Important Attention >
Regarding reservations and participation

As a precaution against coronavirus infection, we would like to request the following to everyone who uses our shop.
Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. On the day of use, please make sure to take your temperature before you leave your home. Please refrain from participating even if you feel any discomfort in your physical condition or have a slight fever. (Cancellation is free, so please call us.)
  2. Please wear a mask at the reception.
  3. We also ask you to take your temperature. Please note that we are not allowed to use it if it is 37.0c or higher according to our store regulations. (The same goes for my companion.)

about cancel

Please make sure to call us three days in advance for cancellation.

50% of your application for cancellation the day before last
Cancellation on the day before and on the day before is 100%

Please be careful.
If the school is canceled, there will be no cancellation fee.

Meeting time
place of meeting place

School starts at nine o'clock at 8:30.
School starts at 1:00 p.m. at 12:30 p.m.
The meeting place is not a shop.
Please make sure to check the meeting place (here)

a thing that is brought with one

◆Swimsuit (No swimsuit rental available)
◆Beach sandals (bath towels, etc. when changing clothes)

※If you are using a wet suit, please prepare inner pants (like spats, swimsuit, underwear that can be wet instead).
※It is also prohibited for women to take the course with only bikinis.Please use wet suits or wear surf pants or leggings.(To prevent the swimsuit from slipping due to injury and wave force)

Shower and changing room facilities (shower fee ︓ 300 yen)
Please use the facilities in Isonoura Beach.We will guide you at the reception.

availability of school classes

Please make sure that the school is held before you leave.

※On rainy days, it will be decided.If there are no waves, or if there is a storm when a typhoon approaches, it will be canceled.

School Date and Time

[ Morning School ]
9:00 start (meet 8:30) end 11:00 (2 hour school)

[ Afternoon School ]
Start at 13:00 (meet at 12:30) End at 15:00 (2-hour school)

The classes will be canceled on regular holidays (Tuesday).
*The classes will be held on Tuesday in July and August.
[ School Period ]

Every year from April 1st to the middle of November

amount of school

Those who want to rent what they need (2 hours)
School + Rental Board + Rental Wet7,950 yen(insurance)
*Only for those who attend school in the morning スクール Those who want to practice by themselves after attending school board/wet rental extension fee + 3,250 yen
Those who have wetsuits (2 hours)
School + Rental Board5,800 yen(insurance)
*Only for those who attend school in the morning スクール Those who want to practice by themselves after attending school board rental extension fee + 2,150 yen
Those who have all the tools (2 hours)
School only5,000 yen(insurance)

*If you are using a wet suit, please contact us in advance if you are an elementary school student, a tall person (over 190cm), or a tall person (over 70kg for women and over 90kg for men).